Boundaries for Empaths

& people who help everyone else except themselves

Are you highly intuitive & emotionally intelligent, but struggle with absorbing everyone's emotions & taking on other people's problems?

Do you often play the role of "therapist" or caregiver in your relationships, secretly wishing people would do the same for you?

Are you craving more support from your relationships and space to focus on your emotions & needs?

Does the idea of setting boundaries feel impossible or scare the absolute f*ck out of you, even though you know you need them?

If yes, then you're in the right place!

Learn to set boundaries with YOURSELF first so you can protect your energy & feel deeply supported in your relationships with others

If you struggle with people-pleasing and protecting your energy, I want to tell you something that I wish I knew sooner...

Setting boundaries doesn't have to be scary.


For the longest time, I thought being an empath meant that I was doomed to take on everyone's emotions and martyr myself in relationships forever.

I was incredibly resistant to setting boundaries or taking responsibility for my needs because I held so many internalized beliefs about what would happen if I did.

I can't ask for support because nobody ever wants to help me like I help them. 

What if people get mad at me for trying to set boundaries?

Or what if I say no and then never want to help people again?

Maybe I'm being too needy... isn't it selfish to prioritize myself?

I'm scared that people will leave me if I stop helping them.

Do you relate to any of these?

What I didn't realize is that these fears & beliefs were forms of self-protection. 

Even though I was exhausted from taking care of everyone all the time, I felt safe in this dynamic because it was the only way I knew how to feel secure in my relationships

It wasn't until I started taking radical responsibility when I learned the truth:

My relationships with others are a direct reflection of my relationship with myself, which means that if I want people to support me, I had to learn how to support myself first

Starting out, I thought boundaries could only be created by having awkward conversations with everyone in my life, but I quickly realized the most important boundary work is internal

For me, this looked like learning to stand confidently in my power, honor my emotional needs, and develop a secure attachment style with others in order to feel safe being vulnerable. 

I stopped feeding this fear of people leaving me and started focusing on being okay alone, trusting that the right people would stay in my life no matter what.

I also learned to support people without taking on any of their energy and emotion... something I never thought would be possible as an Empath. 

When you do this work from the inside-out, you'll watch your relationships dramatically change as a result (which is a lot less scary than it might sound, I promise).

So join me for a packed workshop, where you'll learn how to...

Identify the real reason boundaries feel so hard so you can shift your mindset

Protect your energy & emotions, even when people try to pull you into their drama

Identify your needs and honor them with internal boundaries

Communicate boundaries productively, ask for what you need & create an expectation of mutual support 

Energetically cut cords with people who drain you (without the drama of a friend-break-up) 

Plus: You'll get the real boundary scripts I use in my relationships so you know exactly what to say (and how to say it without triggering anger or defensiveness)

I'm giving away as much as I possibly can and answering all your questions for only $11 because I want you to walk away feeling equipped to do this work whenever you're ready. 

Hear from one of the workshop attendees:
Join me LIVE for the workshop (we're starting soon):

Can't make it live? No problem! You'll be sent a recording within 24 hours to watch on your own time.

Hi, I'm Whitney!

I'm a shadow worker & success coach for empaths, creators, healers & visionaries, but my experience with setting boundaries pre-dates all of this. As a former people-pleaser, Enneagram Type 2 & recovering fixer, unlearning these unhelpful coping mechanisms was a PROCESS that my ego fought the whole way. Thankfully, this experience came in handy as almost every client I've worked with over the past 3 years has needed to start with boundaries before any self-acceptance or healing could take place. I can't wait to share what I've learned with you!!

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